Men's A Team Captain: Nick Rowe
Men's B Team Captain: Darren Griffiths

The Cornwall men's squad is made up of the following;

The 16 players who have the highest point tallies from the previous season are retained for the following season.

​8 players qualify through the men's County trials

 2 players qualify through their Interleague stats from the previous season.

​There is also a dispensation clause for ex-international players to join the squad if asked.

Current men's squad

Paul Baron
Andy Barrett
Ryan Bilson
Shaun Buckingham
Ryan Cleaves
Stephen Duckham
Tim George
Andrew Gooch
Jason Grigor
Mike Hancock
Gary Hodgson
Tony Holgate
Marc Holmes
Sam Kevern
Phil Lane
Russell Moore
Kevin Opie
Wayne Pellow
Jon Perrow
Nick Rowe
Nathan Strick
Graham Taylor
Shaun Vosper
James Wilson
Mark Wilson
Jamie Zambuni

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